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Linda Munn


“When you're born indigenous, you are born into the service of your people, as an artist it is about upholding the narratives of my people, Whakapapa is everything” – Linda Munn

Linda Munn has an arts practice which spans 25 plus years which as a young artist became interested in Uku (clay), stone and wood and so began in her early career as a carver and sculptor. Munn has always been fascinated by all art forms and added paint to her practice and so describes herself as a multi faceted artist.

Being part of the Māori Land Movement, the Māori Women’s Refuge and one of the designers who created the Tino Rangatiratanga Māori Flag are definitely key highlights of a career.

Linda is part of an International Indigenous Artists movement and was invited to attend the International Indigenous Artist Gathering in 2017 that was held at the Evergreen College, Seattle and was invited to the International Indigenous Artist Gathering in 2019 held on Turangawaewae Marae. She was also involved with the Indigenous Tatau Wananga held on Whareroa Marae, Tauranga.

The main themes which underpins her work are political and cultural. “There is no line down the middle, being Indigenous is political, whakapapa (genealogy) defends our right to the land of our Tupuna (Ancestors)” …


MOEMOEĀ Exhibition

11 June - 4 July, The People’s Gallery, Historic Village, Tauranga

~ Mehemea ka moemoeā tātou ka taea e tātou / Dream together so that we may rise together


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