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Māori Art and Design by Julie Paama - Pengelly

Māori Art and Design: Weaving, Painting, Carving and Architecture


This beautifully illustrated book traces the origins and evolution of art and design in historic Māori culture. For early Māori, art was inseparable from daily life, whether it was the pattern on a sculpted spade handle or the magnificently carved prow of a war canoe. With her diverse knowledge of Māori art and design, Julie Paama-Pengelly brings that art to life, focusing on four major disciplines:


  • woven and fibre arts
  • painted and pigmented arts
  • sculpted and carved arts
  • architectural and sculptural arts


Her authoritative text includes tables that outline development periods, as well as summaries of design conventions, common symbolic elements and figurative representations that distinguish Māori art and design.


Meticulously researched, and with a foreword by Professor Robert Jahnke, Chair and Head of Te Pūtahi a Toi, and Co-ordinator of the Māori Visual Arts Programme at Massey University, Māori Art and Design will be great interest to readers who are new to the subject as well as to students and experts.


First published 2010.

Māori Art and Design by Julie Paama - Pengelly

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