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Kupe the great Maori explorer was led to navigate the regions of Aotearoa through his pursuit and battles of the great octopus - Te Wheke o Muturangi through which our ancestors were led to new land from Raiatea, Tahiti, the body of the octopus whose tentacles reach out around the Polynesian triangle.


Ngā Uri o Muturangi affirms ancient ancestral connections through Muturangi centred around customary Māori skin marking, tattoo-tatau and art practices. It does this hrough online membership and public content as well as a major annual public event hosted by TMT and its partners in Tauranga Moana, called Tā Atea.


Through Ngā uri o Muturangi we encourage and support excellence in the visual arts and cultural practices amongst visual artists of Aotearoa by reaching out to international opportunities and growing the standard of our engagement with international expertise and standards.


Enveloped in our stories, tā tatau and tā moko hold a deep history throughout the worlds indigenous and first nations peoples. Ancestral hands bring to life ageless ingenuity in ancient and new ways, to strengthen and enrich our identity.

Ngā Uri o Muturangi indigenous week provided a unique forum for indigenous groups to reflect, probe, and collaborate – to enjoy an exclusively indigenous context to consider tattoo heritage, values and beliefs. The week culminated in an indigenous space or ‘atea’ showcasing our tattoo and art practitioners to educate and contest mainstream audience misrepresentation of our customs.

Ko taku toi taku ohooho! My origin is my awakening!

Ngā Uri o Muturangi: Wānanga Indigenous has been running for two years now, starting in 2019, and is organized by Te Tuhi Mareikura Trust.

Wānanga Indigenous (2019)

Sunday 7 April - Monday 15 April 2019

Whareroa Marae

Taiaho Place, Mount Maunganui

Wānanga Indigenous (2020)

Saturday 7 March - Monday 16 March 2020

Whareroa Marae

Taiaho Place, Mount Maunganui

“So incredibly culturally grounded! And (I) felt a cultural connection with all the indigenous people that attended!”

– Wānanga Indigenous, 2019    


Tā Atea 2020

Released 27 August 2019

In the build up to the New Zealand Tattoo and Art ExtravagaNZa (NZTE) 2020, the organisers put this together with the help of TMT in support and promotion of the upcoming events highly anticipated 'Indigenous Tā Atea'.

Indigenous Artists Gather At Tā Moko Wānanga

Released 29 March 2020

During Wānanga Indigenous 2020, Justine Murray of Te Ahi Kaa at Radio New Zealand came down to spend some time with us on the marae. She shared kai and many stories with us before heading off to interview some of the participants at this years wānanga.

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Local Focus: Māori leading indigenous tattoo resurgence

Released 23 March 2020

Gavin Ogden, Tauranga Video Journalist of NZH Local Focus, joined as at Tā Atea and again after the event with Julie Paama-Pengelly to talk about the the international resurgence of indigenous tattoos.

Indigenous artists share craft at extravaganza

Released 15 March 2020

"Indigenous tattoo artists from around the world have gathered to share their craft and traditions at the Tattoo and Art Extravaganza at TECT Arena."

"The Ta Atea space at the exhibition is hosting over 20 indigenous artists from around the world with artists coming from as far away as Iceland and Northern Canada."

Nga Uri o
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Here you'll also find the awesome Tino Rangatiratanga merchandise available by Te Tuhi Mareikura Trust from T-Shirts to Stickers available for purchase and pre-order from Wānanga Indigenous 2020.

100% of every dollar made goes towards funding the events organised for Ngā Uri o Muturangi by Te Tuhi Mareikura Trust, and are sponsored by Colourworks Screen Printers - a local business right here at the Mount.

Find out more about Tino Rangatiratanga.