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Jera Mae


“I wish the people would realise the danger Papatūānuku is in, I hope the people act in favour of Papatūānuku. Appreciate the gifts from Papatūānuku as she will always guide you.” – Jera Mae (on Hiwa-i-te-rangi)

Jera Mae's clothing is never a fashion statement, it is a protest against the values that became western societies standards. Currently she is working on a collection Playful Papatūānuku as a symbol of mother earth, Jera’s focus is on exploring natural dyeing with upcycled organic fabrics.

Jera uses kōkōwai to dye her fabrics as a connection to be in touch with her divine feminine remembering in mythology the first women, Hineahuone, was created from kōkōwai at Kurawaka. She interprets kōkōwai as a representation of ikura (menstrual blood), whare tāngata (house of creation), and as medium of atua (deity) emphasizing the empowerment of atua wāhine. Jera also uses paru to dye her garments in honour of her ancestor’s traditional methodologies of natural dyeing as these methodologies sustain Papatūānuku.


MOEMOEĀ Exhibition

11 June - 4 July, The People’s Gallery, Historic Village, Tauranga

~ Mehemea ka moemoeā tātou ka taea e tātou / Dream together so that we may rise together


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